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      1. Welcome to WinYou Power! Home About us Products Facilities Contact
          Home - Product List - 2~20HP Gasoline Engines Series

        2~20HP Gasoline Engines Series

        1~6 Inch Gasoline Water Pump Series

        2~4 Inch Diesel Water Pump Series

        1~10KW Gasoline Generator Series

        6~12HP Agriculture Power Tiller Series


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        1/2 speed reduction with chain

        Quick Details:

        Conditon: New                                        Fuel: Gasoline                                     Stroke: 4 stroke

        Cylinder: Single cylinder                           Cold style: Air-cooled                         Start: recoil start

        Place of origin: Chongqing, China             Brand name: WINYOU                      Model no.: 168FB-L

        Dimension: 395*332*380mm                  Warranty: 1 year                                  Rated power: 3.8KW/3600RPM

        Displacement: 196cc                               Ignition system: Transistor Magneto      Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L

        Fuel consumption: <=395g/kw.h              Compression ration: 8.5:1                        Oil capacity: 0.6L

        N.W/G.W: 16Kg/17Kg

        Packing & Delivery:

        Packing detail: 5 layers corrugated carton box.

        Delivery: within 25 days after receipt of down payment from the Buyer by T.T



        1. More than 20 years of manufacturing expenrience in the field of general machinery 
        2. Professional engineers and test equipments to ensure the quality of each machine 
        3. Factory direct selling bring a competitive price 
        4. OEM brand service and after-sales service of spare parts are available
        5. Fast, efficient, cheap delivery service 
        6. Strictly quality control system and a
        dopt the highest standard of water pump industry. 

        7. Every configuraton and detail shall be checked without problem before place order, especially

        for customization.



        Competive price, high performance, and good after-sale service,which is a potential oppotunity to

        creat a new fortune!

        Long-term cooperation and double-win situation is our eternal pursue, welcome to jion WINYOU,





        Comapny Information:

          Chongqing Winyou Power Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufactuers in China.

          We produce agriculture machinery and power equipment including gasoline and diesel engines, generators, water pumps,

        lawn mowers, power tillers, etc.Workteam has been working in universal machinery industry for more than a 15 years who

        are dedicated to innovation and quality  to provide our customers with better goods, Double-win situation, long-term cooperation

        and "customer and quality first are our forever persuit and mission.


        Details of our products have the following characteristics:

          Suitable for a variety of environmental standards,be designed perfect and effective,our products have been issued related certificates,

        coming with comprehensive manufacturer's warranties and services.






        Q: Are you a factory?


        A: Yes.WIN YOU POWER is a professional manufacturer and trading company.


        Q: May I know the paking and delivery?


        A:Packing: 5 levels carton box outside,iron frame inside. Satisfy customer's needs and requests.


        Delivery: within 25 days after receipt of down payment from the Buyer by T.T.


        Q: What is your payment terms?


        T.T or L/C at sight.


        Q: How do you control your production quality?


        A: We have an independent QC team. Our QC team do sample inspection, part inspection during production and 100%


        final inspection before each shipment.


        Q: Can I have a visit to your company before place an order?


        A: Sure, welcome to visit WIN YOU POWER. Our factories locates in NO.13 Fengxi Road,Caijiagang Town,Beibei Distric,





        Q: How long is the warranty?

        A:12 months warranty is provided with free spare patrs and engineer is available for overseas service.





        Downlaod-Catalog of Engine

         Back: WY170F-L
         Next: WY192F


        CHONGQING WINYOU POWER CO., LTD. 2009 All right reservd.
        tel:+86 23 63225871 Fax:+86 23 63225878 e-mail:winyoupower@sina.com/winyougarden@sina.com
        Address:No. 13 Fengxi Road, Caijiagang Town, Beibei District, Chongqing, China
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